Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 21, 2017

Dear Millstone Families,
       As we prepare for our Thanksgiving break, I am happy to share with you how personally thankful I am for the opportunity to serve this community. Not only do we all, families, board members, teachers, support staff, and administrators, work together to help students learn, we partner to provide a safe, nurturing, and dare I say enjoyable atmosphere for the children to come to each day. Our district is so much more than a school system, it is a true community.

     When I visit classrooms throughout our three schools, I am proud to see students and staff working on academics as well as social skills. It brings me joy to see that we value reading, writing, and arithmetic as much as trustworthiness, responsibility, and kindness. I am thankful for our creative staff members who look for ways to motivate and excite our students. I am grateful for students who come to school every day ready to learn as they give us all a daily reminder of what is important and why we are here. And I truly appreciate the unrivaled support of the parents and the community as a whole. In these challenging times, our collective efforts make a difference in the lives of children and there is no greater reward than that.

      During this reflective time, I feel truly blessed that the Board of Education chose me to lead Millstone Township's Schools. And I am honored that all of you continue to entrust me with your most valuable possession. As the new year approaches, I remain committed to continuing to advance our school district in any and all ways imaginable and making all of our residents proud to be Millstone.

       Whether you are cooking and hosting, visiting others, or just eating and relaxing, I wish you a Thanksgiving filled with happiness, abundance, and peace. And may the coming holiday season bring you joy, health, and prosperity that lasts throughout the coming year.

All the best,
Dr. Chris Huss