REVISED: 2017-2018 School Calendar (3.26.18)

REVISED: 2017-2018 School Calendar (3.26.18)



March 26, 2018

Dear Millstone Families,

As you all know, this has been a difficult year with regard to the weather to say the least. I imagine that all of you share the same frustration with the way it has disrupted our weeks and impacted our school calendar.  Wednesday’s snow day was the 5th of the 2017-2018 school year and requires us once again to add another day to the school calendar so students can meet the state required 180 days of attendance. Our original calendar states that any additional days beyond May 25th and 29th would be added to the end of the school year. While this decision made sense at the time, it was hoped that we would not need to go into the week of June 25th. We have since reevaluated this plan based upon staff and contracted bus drivers’ availability, as well as the recent calendar changes of the surrounding districts with whom we share buses, i.e. Upper Freehold and Roosevelt. As a result, we have decided to designate Friday, March 30th as an early dismissal school day instead.  

We do understand that this is a religious holiday for many community members. Any students unable to attend school that day for religious reasons will receive an excused absence. A revised copy of our school calendar can be viewed HERE.

As we look forward to the warmer weather and the promise of spring, we thank you for your understanding and flexibility.


Dr. Chris Huss