Science Links

The following links correspond with our science units of study in 4th grade.

If you find a good site related to these topics, please share so I can add to our list!



Chemical Elements

Periodic Table of Elements

States of Matter



Weather & Climate

Report the Weather and Predict the Weather games - great site!

Interactive Weather Site  - great site! We used this site in class. 

National Weather Service

Weather Watch


Links for Checking Weather Conditions:

Weather Forecast for Clarksburg ( Weather 

Clarksburg Weather 


Earth's Land Resources

What is soil? 

Meet the Greens

Eek! Our Earth 


Electricity and Magnetism

Thomas Edison

Electromagnet game

Kitchen Magnets game


Scientific Method

Scientific Method steps

Scientific Method game

Scientific Method rap

Scientific Method poem

Scientific Method Activities for Home


Other Science Links

Bill Nye

How Stuff Works

Quick Science Experiments to Try at Home

More Experiments

Your Weight on Other Planets

Cool Science for Curious Kids