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The Millstone Township School District is committed to providing an educational environment for all that is safe and free from harassment, intimidation or bullying. Harassment, intimidation or bullying (HIB) behaviors refer to any written, verbal, cyber or physical act, whether or not the act occurs on or off school grounds that substantially disrupts the orderly operation of the school by

            • Physically or emotionally harming a student or damaging the student’s property; or
      • Substantially interfering with a student’s education; or
      • Severely, persistently, or pervasively creating an intimidating, threatening or hostile educational environment.

HIB behaviors can take many forms including but not limited to: rumors, demeaning comments or pictures, gestures, physical attacks, threats, or other written, oral, electronic, or physical actions. Although not all of these acts will reach the levels of a substantial HIB claim, they still may be behaviors that need to be addressed and altered as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

In cases where the administration determines that an HIB act has occurred, counseling, corrective discipline/consequences, and/or (when required) a referral to law enforcement, may be used to change the behavior of the perpetrator and remediate the impact on the victim. Purposely falsifying a report of harassment, intimidation or bullying will not be accepted and will result in disciplinary action.

District policy (Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying, File Code 5512) fully explains the interventions and remediation that building and district administrators may recommend. The policy can be found by clicking here.  I also encourage you to refer back to this link for important updates and presentations.  The district will be offering various trainings to the staff, students and public and when appropriate, will be found under our HIB link.

In summary, HIB will not be taken lightly in Millstone and we value a safe learning environment for all children. Should you have any questions about out policy or a happening in your child’s school, please let us know.  The contact information for each of our buildings and our District Anti-Bullying Coordinator are below.




Primary School - Elementary School - Middle School

At any time, if you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the District Anti-bullying Coordinator:

Mr. Scott Hobson
Millstone Township School District
Millstone Twp., NJ 08535
(732) 786-0950 ext. 40002

You may also contact your school's Anti-bullying Specialist:

Mr. Jason Suleski
Social Worker
Millstone Township Primary School
Schoolhouse Road
Millstone Twp., NJ 08510
(732) 786-0950 ext. 40007
Mrs. Louise Picaroni
Guidance Counselor
Millstone Township Elementary School
308 Millstone Road
Millstone Twp., NJ 08510
(732) 786-0950 ext. 30008
Ms. Deborah Acker
Guidance Counselor
Millstone Township Middle School
5 Dawson Court
Millstone Twp., NJ 08535
(732) 786-0950 ext. 11430