Dear Millstone Families,

On behalf of the entire school district and Board of Education, I want to wish you a most joyous Thanksgiving with family and friends.  From my chair, it is easy to give thanks as there are many people who are so giving to our schools and children.  This time of year usually causes all of us to pause and consider what we have and often what we can do for others.  I have seen the extreme generosity of this community, our students and our staff.  Whether it is someone in financial need, emotional need or just the everyday support we see of our schools, no one could question that living and working in Millstone is absolutely something to be thankful for, and I am for both!
I know that many of you may be traveling today to celebrate with friends and family and I ask everyone who will be on the roads to please leave a great deal of extra time to get where you are going as the weather is promising to be a challenge.  We need all of our families safe, relaxed and ready for the final stretch of 2014.
Before I conclude, I do want to give special thanks to all of the parents that donate so much of their time to the betterment of our schools.  The PTO, PTSA and MTFEE are incredible organizations who donate an inordinate amount of time to make sure that our students have great programs, and that are schools are flush with the dollars needed to do great things on a daily basis.  The money they have donated is staggering and a letter of thanks would be remiss without acknowledging their amazing efforts.
Another group that donates a huge amount of time is our Board of Education.  This is a dedicated team of elected officials who spend countless hours working in the best interests of our children.  Their contributions are endless and often thankless, which is why I ask that between now on winter recess, please take the time to reach out to a Board member and simply thank them for all they do for our schools, children and Township.
All of the great things that happen in our schools are not accidental.  In fact, they are usually quite deliberate. Our district is home to some of the best educators out there and top support staff around! It would be a simple task to begin a list of those deserving of special thanks, but to be honest, I know I would miss a ton of people, because there are just soooo many deserving folks. To our administration, aides, teachers, secretaries, transportation and building and grounds departments, a sincere THANK YOU!
Wishing you all a SAFE, relaxing and incredibly enjoyable time during this festive season,


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Dear Parents,

The Teacher of the Year nomination is not a perfunctory exercise, but rather a very important process to show the teacher that  made a difference for your child in the last year, just how important they are in your family’s lives.  Our teachers take great pride in the work they do and will often go far above and beyond any of our expectations to do what is good and right for children.  Please show those that hold a special place in your hearts just how valued they truly are.  Your nomination will mean a great deal to our teachers.  Although staff may not know who nominated them, they do know they have been nominated and believe me when I tell you that it truly does matter!

Thank you,



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We envision a unique, inclusive learning community at the forefront of education. 

Parents, staff and students will model and promote individuality, integrity, respect, and civic and social responsibility.    

Through an engaging, innovative curriculum, we will challenge students to become independent, self-directed learners who are adaptive problem solvers inspired to impact and thrive in an evolving society.

 In realizing this vision, we will establish our community as an exemplary leader in education.

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