Dear Millstone Families,

I want to invite you to a special meeting to be held on Tuesday, June 21st at 7:00 PM in the Millstone Middle School Media Center that will focus on recent happenings related to Millstone's relationship with Upper Freehold Regional School District (Allentown High School) and our concerted efforts over the last two years addressing matters that impact Millstone tax dollars. We will also share in regard to the recent law suit filed by Upper Freehold against Millstone Township for the long standing practice of students attending Red Bank Regional High School.

This meeting will encompass both the aspects of the law suit filed by Upper Freehold, as well as Millstone's Counter Petition seeking to protect Millstone tax dollars from ongoing concerns with Upper Freehold's practices in educating our high school students. Our goal at this meeting will be to share the factual accounting of the significant efforts made by The Millstone Board of Education over the last two years in trying to resolve the various matters with Upper Freehold that relate directly to our petition.

This meeting will give the district an opportunity to share more in this regard and provide you the opportunity to have questions answered.

The meeting will be open to all Millstone residents, since this issue affects our entire community.

Thank you and please RSVP as to your attendance to bandolm@millstone.k12.nj.us.

Scott Feder
Superintendent of Schools

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Dear Millstone Families,

Last night we graduated another wonderful 8th grade class and today we wave good-bye to the students in all grades as they begin their summer vacations.  This means that you begin 10 weeks of exciting family time and probably some less stressful moments, as there will be no homework, tests to study for, or projects due.  Yes, maybe a little summer work to keep the minds fresh, but we know that time with family and what happens over the summer is invaluable to our students.

I want to thank this Community for your continued support of our schools and mostly for sending us the most amazing kids.  Their accomplishments are many, as was recognized by the huge number of students called to the stage the other evening for our final student recognition of the year.  This year we sent competition teams to Tennessee, Michigan and state tournaments. Not to mention just how well they perform on a regular basis right here in Millstone.  From what we can see, there is no stopping these children and it truly is our privilege and good fortune to teach them for 10 months during the year.

This final letter of the 2015-16 school year would not be complete without passing a sincere “Thank You” to various groups.  The PTO and PTSA spent another year raising money and providing great experiences for our students and families.  Kudos to all of the leadership and volunteers.  The MTFEE kept the grant gifting strong through their hard work and dedication.  The Board of Education, who comes out twice per month at a minimum, plus reads through all of the many policies and documents needed in order to make decisions for our entire Community, deserves a huge shout out as well. 

Now for our staff. The best in the business.  A dedicated and high energy group that have chosen a profession of service.  This district does not hum as it does, without all of their incredible efforts.  So to the entire Millstone faculty – THANK YOU for another incredible year for our children.

My best to you all as you enjoy having your full family intact for the next 10 weeks.  We will see everyone in September.  Take care, be safe, and have fun!




We envision a unique, inclusive learning community at the forefront of education. 

Parents, staff and students will model and promote individuality, integrity, respect, and civic and social responsibility.    

Through an engaging, innovative curriculum, we will challenge students to become independent, self-directed learners who are adaptive problem solvers inspired to impact and thrive in an evolving society.

 In realizing this vision, we will establish our community as an exemplary leader in education.

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