Board of Education

Budget 2022

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BOARD GOALS 2020-2021 
1. Make investments in building needs to prioritize health, safety and well-being of students and staff to support a safe return to all schools; including, but not limited to, taking extra precautions to mitigate risks related to Covid-19.

2. Provide support for professional development for administration and staff to further integrate technology across all grades and include training regarding virtual/blended learning curriculum, software applications, and related technology.

3. Ensure continued fiscal responsibility and transparency with budgeting throughout the additional challenges presented by pandemic-related health costs and loss of additional state aid; and continue to find ways to generate revenue through shared services, enterprise-based programs, and facility rental opportunities

4. Conduct an annual independent cybersecurity audit and collaborate with industry experts to make sure that we are protected from present and future cyber threats.

5. Continue to explore expanding high school choices with specific, realistic send-receive options for all Millstone Township students in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 


1. Create and ensure the implementation of a comprehensive, multi-tiered reopening plan that prioritizes the academic and social/emotional needs, as well as the safety, well-being, and security of students, staff and families. Implement further SEL initiatives as needed.

2. Assess the impact of virtual/blended learning on academic achievement of all students (including special needs and gifted and talented). Develop and implement targeted action plans to reduce achievement gaps and promote personalized learning. Continue to provide updated information to all stakeholders.

3. Evaluate and address issues of equity and inclusion, including equitable access to learning experiences, extracurricular activities, advanced courses, and support services.