Student Registration



2022-2023 Registration

Registration is now OPEN to ALL grade levels (PreK - 8)
Click HERE to register

Please be aware that there are two school year options.
Be sure to drop down the box and select 2022-2023, as shown below...

*If you do not, the registration can not be rolled into the new year and will need to be re-done

Thank you!


2021-2022 Registration

Click Here to register your student for the  CURRENT school year

On March 1st, we will be opening the portal for upcoming PreK and K students.
There will be two school year options to pick from, as shown below...

*Please choose 2021-2022 to register for the CURRENT school year.

Grade level enrollment is as follows:

3H - Half Day PreK (3YO)
3F- Full Day Pre-K (3YO)
4H - Half Day Pre-K (4YO)
4F - Full Day PreK (4YO)
KH - Half Day K
KF - Full Day K
1 - First Grade
2 - Second Grade
3 - Third Grade
4 - Fourth Grade
5 - Fifth Grade
6 - Sixth Grade
7 - Seventh Grade
8 - Eighth Grade


Main Office Phone Numbers

Primary School (Grades K-2) - 732.786.0950  ext 4000

Elementary School (Grades 3-5) - 732.786.0950  ext. 3000
Middle School (Grades 6-8) - 732.786.0950  ext. 1000