Board of Education


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Budget 2022

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BOARD GOALS 2023-2024

1. Develop and implement an ongoing Board professional development plan in order to increase board effectiveness including the following topics: Ethics, Roles & Responsibilities, and the Board’s Role in Curriculum.

2. Continue to find ways to generate additional revenue for the educational programming through grants, shared services, enterprise-based programs, and facility rental opportunities.

3. Review and revise the long-term financial plan for the district in order to ensure fiscal responsibility.

4. Support and provide the resources needed for the attainment of the district goals. 



1. Evaluate districtwide language arts curriculum, standards, and practices and make necessary revisions to align with state expectations and current best practices.

2. Continue to identify ways to secure supplemental funds for the district including the expansion of shared services, applying for grants, and lobbying for increased state aid.

3. Evaluate student success, in relationship to curriculum and standards, and continue to develop appropriate and effective plans for remediating identified areas of need.

4. Continue to promote and foster a positive relationship with the community by highlighting noteworthy accomplishments of the students and staff of the MTSD, ensuring transparency regarding district happenings, and gathering community input regarding key initiatives.

5. Continue to foster the safety and security of students, staff, and facilities by implementing and evaluating an internal safety and security department and staff.